Copenhagen and Nordic food


Copenhagen is one of my first destinations since I moved to Europe. I tried to squeeze as many as possible in my 3-day work trip there. On the night I arrived, I had dinner at a Nordic restaurant called Höst. The restaurant was famous for the “surprise dishes”, so they will offer a couple of dishes that’s not on the menu.

I’ve never had Nordic food before and had zero expectation. I ordered a 3 course meal with juice pairing. It was mind-blowing. Because I had never have Scandinavian food before, I found the presentation and ingredients to be very exotic. The amuse-bouche was three potato chips on a tree on a “stone beach”. I took many photos before realising the edible part is just the three chips on the tree. Everything else is decoration. The presentation of the food is themed around rustic Danish life. For example, the bread was presented in a bowl full of hays, and the stony beach was a consistent element. I also noticed lingonberry, which I’ve never heard before, appeared in many dishes. The lingonberry juice was paired for the cucumber and shrimp starter.

Everything in Copenhagen seems tall to me, from the ceiling and windows, to clothes and bikes. In fact, I felt I was a dwarf there. I heard Copenhagen is famous for its bicycle culture, so I rented an electric bike, thinking that I would be able to go to more places. It turned out to be quite a nightmare. The bike was so tall that my feet were not able to touch the ground, even with the lowest seat level. And because it is an electric bike, it is heavier and harder to control. So I returned the bike after just thirty minutes with it.



Address: Nørre Farimagsgade 41, 1364 København, Denmark