Bonjour! This week I'm in Paris. It's our first time in Paris. The city is beautiful and the Japanese food here is amazing!

Paris Free Walking Tour


I love doing the "free" walking tour when I go to a new city. It's a tip based tour so you pay what you think the tour is worth of. I've never been disappointed by the tour, and recommend anyone to try it. It's the best way to learn about the history of the city, and see lots of the tourist attractions in a short amount of time (about 2.5 hours).

Cruise on River Seine by Bateaux Parisiens


It was recommended by our guide form the walking tour, and it's great way to hit all the touristy spot in an hour. We got on the boat about 30 minutes before the sunset (4:15pm in December), so on the way out you can see the view in daylight, and on the way back, you can see the city is lit up.

Kunitoraya 国虎屋

Japanese chain Udon bistro. We ordered a tempura udon, curry udon, and a oyakodon. In total, it was about €50, so a little expensive for udon. But the ambience is nice.

Dosanko Ramen どさんこラーメン

I think it's the Sapporo style ramen, which is known for the thick, creamy miso soup base. We ordered the white miso and red miso royal. The portion is very generous and the price was cheap. It was about €30 for two bowls of ramen.

Nodaïwa 野田岩

Our first meal in Paris. It's a Japanese unagi restaurant. €70 for two sets of unagi rice. Somehow it feels not very satisfying for me...

Nodaïwa Unagi Don

Nodaïwa Unagi Don


We got sick and this place's Chinese beef noodle soup and wonton soup are perfect. I didn't try the desserts but they look legit.