I’m an interaction/UX designer at Google, designing products for emerging markets where a lot of users are coming online for the first time. As an interaction designer, I work on everything about design, from organizing design sprints to designing and prototyping in code.

Most of my work are confidential, so here is only a brief overview of what I work on.

Google Go


Google Go is a lite Search app, designed for millions of users in those countries coming online for the first time. It’s simple to use and fast even on entry level devices and spotty connections, making discovering, sharing and finding content easier and more reliable.

Google Go search app for emerging markets can now read out website content — Tech Crunch

Make Google read it — Google Blog

Google Assistant


I spent 2 years in Google Assistant and worked on multiple things, including designing the Google Assistant on iOS, Settings, voice actions. Before I left the team, I led the design of Google Assistant’s User Education and Growth, and worked on the onboarding and voice actions discovery.

Google’s Siri competitor just launched on the iPhone — CNBC